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Hello and welcome to your domain! A womanz domain is intended for well all of the women on the globe interested in venting, reading the stories of others, sharing experiences (good and bad), you may share recipes and pretty much whatever you’d like providing it is legal. I believe in helping and healing and creating women’s circles across the globe in order to tackle worldly issues that may be easier tackled in groups.

Sexual orientation is not an issue here because it is not the sexual orientation of individuals that make a difference, it is what we have to offer on the inside. Of more importance than discusssing who does who and why, I would like to take time to conquer issues such as women’s equality and how we are making a better future for the lil’ women we are raising.

Let’s Make a Difference

To make a difference is to bring issues out in the open and through dialogue, decide what can an cannot be done in order to make change on a global level. This means that we must be pro-active. They say talk is cheap…I say that talk is the beginning of resolution, however; without following through and follow up, talk does become cheap. It is time to get into tiger mode, or as the kids say…beast mode and handle our business!

Topics of Discussion

Topics are many, however; main topics will be relationship help, women’s interests, famous women, women who have come out and made life easier for gay women today, how far women have come in a predominantly male’s world, the disturbing media, eating disorders and issues needing to be resolved.

Further, there will be lists provided for woman who are struggling as single parents and need help finding resources. There are many resources that women are either unaware of or are too busy working to find the time to seek external aid.

Discussion Areas 

In this community you will be able to read as well as share articles on this site and for more intense dialogue you can join the forums. You can also become a part of a FaceBook group linked on this website as well as a blog. I make women’s issues BIG BUSINESS!!!

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Your Administrator

My name is Simone M Brady also known as Ms Philosopher (as well as The Philosopher) on the web. I am gay, a mother of three and grandmother of 5. I have an equivelent of an associate’s in business, a bachelor’s in criminal justice, a master’s in education with an emphasis in curriculum and instruction and I have approximately one year left in a doctoral program majoring in advanced studies in human behaviour. 

 Thank you. I am ever so grateful for you!