Caring about your health is of the utmost importance. If you do not care about yourself, who will? If you do not love yourself, who will? There is no excuse NOT to care about yourself. I do not care how tall or small you are or how thin or overweight you are. All you have to concern yourself with is health.

When you focus on health, eventually the weight will come off. Eventually the fast food binges will slow down. Eventually pouring foundation over your skin which blocks your pours will lessen or end. Let’s face it, you know what you look like. You are use to your face and what the media calls flaws. You do not have to make matters worse by using products to change who you are for the sake of society.

People love confident people more than they like people who have to change who and what they are according to the media’s prescription of beauty. So let’s say you want to continue to wear makeup, you can look at changing your bad habits on sites like this  I will not argue; I can only say, if you choose not to clog your pores with makeup and so forth, you will not need to find out how to fix the problem 😉

I have quite a few articles pertaining to eating disorders and the fast food / obesity epidemic. As soon as my other computer is repaired, I will upload them. please, please, please stop making fast food a major part of your diet. Unless of course you want to be obese.

Let me ask you a question. Do you think it is healthy to swallow vitamins? What you are swallowing is found in food and drinks. Why take a supplement that may harm you? Many people I know who passed from cancer took vitamins on a daily basis. That tells me to find my nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in food. More about this another time. Bottom line; please stop feeling pressure from the crooked media or you WILL die as a result of marketing schemes. This conversation is not over 🙂