This article has a personal tone because I think it is important to share with others that which makes us grow. The topic relates to personal standards in a relationship. This may pertain to any type of relationship, however; the focus of this article regards serious relationships that may lead to marriage. Having higher than gutter standards does not make one stuck up, rather; it will help weed out relationships that will inevitably lead to arguing, suspicion and pain.

The best thing to do is to listen to only you. Do not let clichés from the past linger on your mind, such as; you are being too picky or you are getting older and your clock is ticking. In other words, it is OK to be picky (not too picky) and although the meat market decreases in size as we get older, (Two of, 2015) that is no excuse to choose a lover who is not right for you. You need to become balanced in your thinking so that you can zero in on the person who will be a perfect fit.

Assuming you understand that you shouldn’t be too picky and you should not grab the first person you see because you think your biological clock is ticking; you can now either create standards or assess the ones you already have. When you change your thoughts you change your reality. So now, rather than take too much time to decide if you are picky, or stressing out because you need someone NOW, you can think of the characteristics you are looking for as well as think about where you may meet that special someone.

I am not a believer in making plans to go out and meet that special someone because I believe that special someone will come along at just the right time. So maybe you can simply desire to meet that special someone who possesses characteristics that are appealing to you. Looks do not always mean that that person is a nice person. Not so nice looking does not mean that the person isn’t going to be of interest to you on the inside. It is due time to lose all of our beliefs about what society wants us to believe and lose our OWN hang-ups as well.

Let me let you in on a little secret…if you continue to focus on what you do NOT want, you will get it. You must focus on what you want and that is in all aspects of life, not just a partner. The more you convince yourself that you are picky; you ARE. The more that you convince yourself that you are getting old. You ARE. The more you focus on not dating an ugly person, you WILL. Do not be too “picky” about the characteristics because high standards may lead you to a lonely life.  Simply be relaxed, state simply what you would like to have in a partner and know that that special someone will come along. oh, it is very wise to KNOW, for KNOWING mixed with gratitude in advance will get you what you want. Change your thoughts and you will change your reality!